Listen to conversations with Jules Mitchell on biomechanics and teaching yoga.

I often have the pleasure to appear as a guest on various podcasts about yoga and human movement. The discussion topics range from biomechanics and stretching to teaching principles and the business of yoga. Podcasts are a great opportunity to get to know my voice and my position on many topics relevant to yoga teachers today. Since the completion of my book, Yoga Biomechanics: Stretching Redefined, I have spent less time blogging and have enjoyed the causal conversational style that podcasts offer.

By listening to and sharing these posts, you are participating in getting my message out there. Thank you for playing such an important role in the process.To listen through them all, just scroll down to work your way back, from most recent to my earliests podcasts.  Or start at the beginning, and work your way forward by clicking here.  Please pay attention to the dates as many podcasts are over 5 years old and my opinions have changed over the years. I always like to see how my mentors grow, therefore, I choose to make my old content available to you. Enjoy!