Practice Collection Volume Three

I created this collection for anyone who has studied with me or is curious about my teaching style and is eager to practice with me.

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This is not another monthly membership. You only pay once to join and the program will be active for 1 year (until December 1, 2024), at which point I will retire my contributions (you will continue to have access to the content, however). As a minimum contribution, you can expect about 4 x Pop-Up Live Zoom classes, 4 x Standalone Classes,  and 2 x 4-Class Series throughout the year. Other content will be added according to the momentum of the community as a whole. If the product is successful for all, I will consider creating Volume 4 in the following year. Thanks for being a part of this incredible community!

Jules Mitchell teaches yoga on zoom in the practice collection volume 3
Jules Mitchell teaches twisting yoga classes in the practice collection volume 3
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Members of the Practice Collection will enjoy:

  • Pop-up live classes on Zoom
  • Pre-recorded class series
  • Standalone classes
  • Skill/focus shorts
  • Selected clips “riffs” from online courses
  • Comments turned on for maximum engagement

Additionally, complete classes include a downloadable pdf of the sequence for you to take notes on and fill out according to your unique teaching style.

PCV3 class sequence example pdf

Engage with Jules and Our Community

Comments across all member content will be enabled so that you can engage with Jules and other members of the community. Jules encourages discussions about sequencing, cueing, props, class focus/skills, and more! She’ll be there to support and contribute to these coversations.

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Practice Collection Volume 3 yoga class list
current member feedback practice collection volume 3

Information I gathered in this practice:

  • I do not use my legs enough in the standing poses. I was surprised at how much information I received in the back leg of Triangle when pushing the front leg into the wall. The cue to pull the pelvis back was huge for me in Pyramid Pose and in Warior 3. In the lunges, the heel to wall really activated my legs.
  • Bringing attention to the side waists calmed my rib flare habit considerably.
  • Moving away from the wall for the handstand was good for me as I fear doing that. I always am close to the wall. Moving out of the pose with control was reassuring but I found out I don’t need the wall as much as I thought.
  • The roll into the bolster at the end was great. Again, I had some fear arise but the push hands work seemed to quell the fear.
  • Constant attention to the side bodies brought some lightness to the poses for me.

Thank you. I always appreciate how you hold space for us in savasana.

Kelly G

Great lesson, good for beginners and an interesting springboard for my more advanced students. Both groups loved it. Thank you Jules!

Zella D

Loved finding myself more focused on my breath’s capacity to influence the shape of what I was creating rather than creating the shape and filling it with my breath once I had established the shape. I discovered an interesting sense of ease in moving through this practice even though it was not an easy practice! Lots more to play with and unpack I think. Thank you for inspiring!

Sharyl S

Wow!!! This practice was epic. Such a profound change in my shoulders with the test retest action. At the end I felt super strong for the eccentric push ups and long plank. Loved the triangle variation too. My new favourite!
Thank you for such an epic practice.

Kylie R

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