Episode 152: Teaching the Biomechanics of Yoga with Jules Mitchell

Jules Mitchell is a teacher of teachers. She leans into science, where others might turn away, and makes us all the better for it. Jules is leading the way to the conversations that we need to be having.

It’s important that we pay attention to the language we use as teachers. What do we truly understand (rather than just regurgitating) and how do we communicate that? How can we clearly express what something as simple— yet as complex—as “stretching”? How can we facilitate those conversations?

How can we celebrate the feedback we receive from our students, rather than feel discouraged by it so we can better serve them and the practice of yoga itself? We can start with biomechanics.

Extend Your Learning: Online Education With Jules

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The Science of Stretching Webinar 4.0

This webinar is for teachers and students who have an insatiable curiosity about stretching, what it does, and how it works, while accepting that conventional stretching wisdom isn’t always accurate. Eligible for 3 CEUs. This course is offered in January and July each year. Learn more >