Elite Access Program

The EAP is a mentoring program ideal for teachers who would like ongoing support with a deep immersion into reading research, special lectures on topics I’m currently studying, and overall support in their content creation and business logistics. You will receive unprecedented access to me, exclusive content, and a private social network of colleagues.

Join EAP | $150 monthly or $1500 yearly

Join a community of intellectually fearless yoga teachers.

Members of the mentoring community are bold, enthusiastic, and extremely curious. They challenge themselves, each other, and me in a way that elevates all of us. Teachers that join this program think outside the box and embrace questioning themselves and the common narrative. At the same time, everyone is always so supportive and nurturing. I love to see the friendships that are formed and the collaborations that persist for years to come.

As an EAP member, you get access to an exclusive network of like-minded colleagues for ongoing collaboration and support. You have direct access to Jules through DMs, email, WhatsApp, and more. One-on-one Zoom calls are always available. You’ll get as much out of the program as you put into it (including your studies, research literacy, business development, networking, and more).

Members of the EAP receive ongoing continuing education, mentoring, and thought provoking content for their insatiable curiosity.

This exclusive mentoring program is unlike any I have ever offered before. It addresses and solves the one big problem with my current teaching schedule – the limited access to ongoing communication between myself and the teachers who study with me. The EAP is ideal for teachers who would like continuing education in specific areas, assistance with reading and interpreting research, insight into my own studies and my process, and/or overall support in their content creation and business logistics.

Not everyone needs another teacher training or to go back to college. You can start learning right away through the guidance and support within the EAP structure.

The mentoring program is structured in such a way that you can carve your own educational path. You can quietly work away at your goals by slowly consuming the archives of content and privately messaging me for personalized direction or you can actively engage in the social network and get your colleagues to offer their expertise as well. Regardless of your learning style, I always customize the group calls to encompass the interests of the group at large. My independent study lectures are often influenced by the topics members are inquiring about. It really is a program that is driven by the individual yet embraces the community. Moreover, no two members are alike and that’s exactly what makes the program so enriching. If you’re concerned about whether you will fit in or if you can contribute, my reply is yes you will and yes you can. My pedagogical approach embraces not just learning facts but learning to learn and learning in layers. What you can learn by witnessing how others ask questions and how I reply is as impactful as learning the stuff.

It’s more than just coaching and education, it’s a community.

Engage directly with me and like-minded teachers within the exclusive mentoring network.

Participate in rich discussions through monthly group calls, lectures, and regular posts & comment threads.

Members can interact with anyone in the EAP through posts, comments, and direct message. 

Enjoy access to recent research, blogs, and videos that will support your education and generate new questions. 

Feel supported, enriched, and confident to share your own unique perspectives within the cohort and with your own audience.

Participate at any level that feels good to you. 


EAP Elite Access Program Ven Diagram

Excel with thought provoking content that helps you define your direction, your brand, and your business strategy.

Each month Jules will share curated content through the group calls, lectures, and ongoing posts.
Direct access including the AMA provides rich opportunities to get your urgent questions answered.
Engage and interact as much or as little as you like, join live or catch recordings.

Being a yoga teacher today means running your own business – something many of us were never prepared for. The EAP includes business development, content creation, and marketing/branding education to help you move your own work out into the world.

Monthly Group Call – Approximately 60 minutes – Recorded
Monthly Lecture Series – Approximately 30 Minutes – Pre-Recorded
AMA (Ask Me Anything) – Exactly 15 minutes – Recorded
Access to a rich and evolving library of relevant articles and references.

EAP Members Are Eligible for the Individual Coaching Program

Ongoing support and accountability for those wanting personalized one-on-one mentoring.

EAP members are eligible to join the Individual Coaching Program which includes 6 hours (12 x 30-min) one-on-one calls over 12 months plus reliabe direct access to Jules with voice, text, email during ICP period. This cutomized container is ideal for tackling a large body of research, creating new content, starting new business endeavors, and/or gaining a deeper understanding of biomechanics. The tuition for the 12 month program is $750 and you must remain an EAP member during the coaching period. All EAP members will receive a complimentary Individual Coaching Program after 24 months of consecutive membership. An option to schedule à la carte calls is also available to all EAP members.

Most teachers have a hard time seeing themselves, their values, and their differentiators. If you can’t see yourself and your unique gifts, you aren’t sure of how to speak of yourself. The EAP cultivates an experience of self-appreciation, awareness, and confidence regarding you and your strategies for sharing your own teachings with your audience.

The EAP programme with Jules is phenomenal. I have learnt so much but also been challenged in really fun and interesting ways to get out of my comfort zone and really understand research and some of the claims that are made in the movement and yoga world. I now have a greater appreciation for what it takes to conduct research, how to interpret results and how to dig a little deeper into extravagant claims. The monthly lectures have expanded my knowledge and really helped me in the process of developing my own project. I am forever grateful for this supportive and informative environment to learn, be challenged and grow.


Yoga Teacher & Educator, New Zealand

I began Jules Mitchell’s mentoring program last year to increase both my knowledge and confront my own biases around stretching.  In particular, I wished to explore the science of resistance stretching and eccentric training. The mentoring program succeeded in this.  The added educational content was superb in particular her lecture series, where she often chose content that was meaningful to the interests of the group. The one-on-ones and group calls allowed me to discuss my ideas around stretching. While supportive and encouraging, Jules also provided constructive criticism of those ideas. The mentoring program played a vital role in the construction of my online course.


Online Content Creator, Colombia

To yoga studio owners and teachers working to create and sustain a business while offering yoga that makes a difference to bodies and helps create actual change – Jules Mitchell’s Mentoring Program is must have. Since 2017 I’ve been attending Jules’ workshops, trainings, and now her mentoring program. She has made these everchanging times in the yoga world digestible, creative, practical, focused in an otherwise distractible world of social media. Her practical business & science knowledge, plus her curiosity backed with her action to find the answers in credible resources has taught me how to do the same. Her honesty and ability to help me stay focused is so refreshing and are something I have taken into other aspects of my life as well.

Mary Jo

Yoga Teacher & Studio Owner, Colorado, USA

Bonuses of Enrollment in the EAP

All EAP members will receive a complimentary 30-minute call after 12 and 18 consecutive months in the cohort. After 24 consecutive months, members receive one Individual Coaching Program provided they remain an EAP member during the coaching period.
Yearly subscribers receive an additional complimentary 30-minute call after their 3rd month in the program.
If all this feels too much to keep track of, don’t worry, I got you! Just join and I’ll be here to support you.
Additionally, EAP members get 30% off any online course I host (YTT & EAP excluded).