Practice Collection Volume One

I created this collection for anyone who has studied with me or is curious about my teaching style and is eager to practice with me. 

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This is not another monthly membership. You only pay once to join I actively contributed content to the program for 1 year (until May 1, 2022), at which point my contributions retired (you will continue to have access to the content, however). In total, the program includes 4 x Recorded Livestream Zoom classes, 5 x Standalone Classes, 2 x 4-Class Series, 9 x Skill/Focus Short lessons, and 8 x Lecture segments. That’s 33 videos in all with no recurring charges! Each full-length class includes a downloadable/printable pdf of the sequence you can take notes and make it your own. Thanks for being a part of this incredible community!

Members of the Practice Collection will enjoy:

  • Pop-up live classes on Zoom
  • Pre-recorded class series
  • Standalone classes
  • Skill/focus shorts
  • Selected clips “riffs” from online courses
  • Comments turned on for maximum engagement

Additionally, complete classes include a downloadable pdf of the sequence for you to take notes on and fill out according to your unique teaching style.

Engage with Jules and Our Community

Comments across all member content will be enabled so that you can engage with Jules and other members of the community. Jules encourages discussions about sequencing, cueing, props, class focus/skills, and more! She’ll be there to support and contribute to these coversations. 

Each class is delicious in its own way! I want to repeat all of the ones I have done. I have decided to do them all first and go back to them again later. I am learning so much about cueing and directing my students to explore their own experiences, But I am also learning so much about my own body and the way it coordinates and integrates and sometimes isolates movements. I feel very relaxed and satisfied after each class. I have a handstand practice – at a wall. The feet up on the chair was a new experience for me. Quad bites on the standing on the chair leg. But that prepared me for the Dandasana leg lifts! I can get the connection when my hip is flexed better on one side than the other. It is easy to lose it though holding the boat pose. Thank you again for sharing your practices. Love your statement….there is nothing to do but learn. 

Kelly G

This is great, Jules. There’s so much space around the way you present these practices that I think for me, the approach alone is having a big impact on my experience of the postures. I was unsure if my lack of patience would allow me to stick with the repetitive sets but by the time I got to Upward Facing Bow I just sprung up! The effects of the exploratory work allowed me to get out of the way of creating the backbend. I’ve often used the curling in action from the tail as a way to approach the backbends but it has rarely felt this supportive or easy. Thank you! 

Tamara H

I’ve had creators block for a while now… yet 10 minutes into this practice, I started going off-piste, with my mind FULL of new class ideas. Just one of the many reasons why I love you and your teaching! Thank you for being a constant source of inspiration 🙂 

Anna Louise

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