Is Yoga Enough?

On the business & marketing side of things, we’re talking about what it actually takes to write a book, how her upbringing turned her into a shark of a businesswoman, and how to run an online teacher training program that sells out every time. And just for fun, we’re discussing how she got her book deal, the struggles women go through when operating a business, whether or not yoga is “enough,” and way more. 


Extend Your Learning: Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Jules Mitchell

300 hour advanced science-based yoga teacher training

This program is ideal if you have an interest in biomechanics, principles of exercise science, applications of pain science, neurophysiology, and stretching. These themes are combined with somatics, motor control theory, pose analysis and purpose, use of props for specific adaptations, pathology, restorative yoga, and intentional sequencing.

You will learn to read original research papers and analyze them for both their strengths and their biases. Critical thinking and intellectual discourse are central components in this training, which was designed to help teachers like you navigate through contradictory perspectives and empower you with education. Learn more >