Understanding common topics with more nuance

Join us in welcoming Jules Mitchell back to the podcast for the sixth time! This time Kathryn and Jules tackle a few of the most misunderstood topics related to strength and movement. Jules talks about the adaptations needed for strength to be built, and why understanding this piece is vital to success. Kathryn and Jules also discuss the topics of overstretching (and why it’s not really what we thought it was), engaging muscles during exercise, and the most forbidden movement, loaded spinal flexion.

To learn more about the course we discuss in the podcast click here: Strength 101

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Online Education With Jules

Jules Mitchell shares decades of stretching research with yoga teachers.

The Science of Stretching Webinar 5.0

This webinar is for teachers and students who have an insatiable curiosity about stretching, what it does, and how it works, while accepting that conventional stretching wisdom isn’t always accurate. Eligible for 3 CEUs. This course is offered in January and July each year. Learn more >