Online Education

Jules Mitchell delivers top-notch online education for yoga teachers in biomechanics, sports science, stretching, and injury prevention/rehab.

Online Education

Mitchell offers an extensive online education collection ranging from live interaction to watch-at-your-leisure. Scroll down to see some highlights and click on any offering to learn more. She offers livestream weekend courses, recorded programs available for immediate streaming, and webinars. Jules’ 300 hour teacher training in 2021 is online. Get more YTT info here.


Livestream Events

November 5-7, 2021
Friday 17:30-19:00 and Saturday/Sunday 16:00-18:30 British Time
Flexibility: Principles, Practices, and Purpose Livestream (register here)
A unique and all-new course where you’ll explore a variety of stretching techniques and learn to determine which methods are best for certain outcomes. Jules has spent the last decade teaching yoga teachers about the science, biomechanics, and physiology of stretching and is excited to bring these elements into a practical and usable course. Eligible for 6.5 CEUs.

November 13-14, 2021 
Saturday – Sunday 10:00am – 2:00pm Pacific Time 
Anatomy & Biomechanics Essentials Livestream Course
This mini course is geared toward those who teach anatomy programs or run their own yoga schools and current yoga teachers who know they don’t teach with an anatomical focus and just want a clear and useful reintroduction to the essentials. Eligible for 8 CEUs. $229/$279 USD. Late registration begins Oct. 23rd.

April 1-3, 2022
Friday – Sunday 9:00am – 12:00pm and 2:00pm – 5:00pm Pacific Time
Yoga Biomechanics Livestream
Join me for my flagship course focusing on the principles that are central to my work in biomechanics. This course is ideal for you if you are new to my work or are looking for a review of key concepts. We will combine lecture and practice so you can immediately apply what you learn. Eligible for 18 CEUs. $399/$450 USD. Late registration begins March 11th.


This webinar is for teachers and students who have an insatiable curiosity about stretching, what it does, and how it works, while accepting that conventional stretching wisdom isn’t always accurate.

The Book Club is for readers who wish to gain real-time access to the author and gain a chapter-by-chapter synopsis of major themes.

Pre-Recorded Course Library

Get Jules’ entire 7 course online library with 15 hours of content (28 CEUs) and get $150 off the total price of all the courses.

The Perfect Learning Path For You

My goal is to expand teachers' minds through a deep process of reflection so that they know exactly who they are and what they believe with clarity, confidence, and purpose.

You can start your education path with me anytime that fits into your schedule and on any topic that you’re drawn to.

Learning to Learn

The biomechanics content I provide is about more than just learning facts and getting things right. I teach you how to think about this knowledge, how to apply it in certain settings, and how to question when specific strategies might be successful or not. When I teach that “it depends” I insist on supporting you in discovering what it might depend on.

Learning in Layers

You learn in layers, which means wherever you start is the perfect place to start. You learn a new concept and then contextualize that information into a real-life setting, recognizing that biology is multidimensional and non-linear. You aren't just memorizing data and you aren't just jumping to large, sweeping conclusions. You are learning to make complex decisions based on appropriate considerations, which means there is no beginning or end. Just dive in and let the layering begin!

Learning Overlap

While all of my courses are unique, there is overlap in many major themes. This overlap reinforces major concepts within individual courses that fit into a the much larger narrative that I build within my program offerings as a whole.

Learning Just for You

My live courses reflect my fluid teaching style. While I always have an agenda and a general course outline, I’m also extremely encouraging of asking questions and chasing the pursuit of knowledge together. My goal is to help you refine your questions so you are clearer about what you know and what you don’t know. This means no two live courses are the same, even when the course has the same name!

The content is always driven by the topics that matter to the group and we use the major concepts outlined in the course syllabus to tease out powerful educational opportunities. You’ll see people repeating the same courses over and over because they are hungry for these interactions and discussions.

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