In 2012 Jules filmed a 4 class DVD set in collaboration with Udaya Productions. While her teaching has evolved by leaps and bounds since then, the DVD is a classic addition to your digital collection.
Order here, just $20 USD.

Active Restoration Yoga is a technical practice that introduces yoga props to skillfully approach classical yoga poses. The classes vary in difficulty and can be modified for all levels. Suggested props include a yoga mat, 2 blocks, bolster, blanket, strap and a chair. DVD includes brief prop tutorial to help you determine which props you may choose to invest in and which everyday household items you can use as sufficient replacements.

Includes 3 Active Restoration classes and a bonus Passive Restoration class:

  • Foundational Standing Poses (Focused)
  • Supported Backbends (Moderate)
  • Skillful Inversions (Challenging)
  • Restorative (Relaxing…ahhh)

Order here, just $20 USD.