Episode 32: The Huslers Podcast – Honestly Unbalanced

In this podcast you’ll hear Adam Husler interview Jules on a variety of unusual podcast topics!


  • Helping yoga teachers think critically
  • Being a ‘teacher’ in all parts of life
  • Life as a night club bar tender
  • Its ok not to know it all as a new teacher
  • Whether yoga can been seen as harmful
  • Embodying teachings rather than parroting new knowledge, after a training
  • The importance of asking ‘why’
  • Coping tools for tough times
  • Finding inspiration in the bath tub
  • Biomechanics
  • How spirituality and anatomy are connected
  • Caring about your work


‘Any time you read anything, it exists in a moment in time, then it changes.’

‘I’m the daughter of an engineer and a university professor, so this is my dharma – I’m stepping into this without choice!’

‘I’ve always been a teacher. Even when I was a bar club tender, I would host liquor education programs for the waitresses!’

‘You can’t escape your DNA, but you can do things to improve.’

‘I don’t have a plan, but every day I have a direction.’

‘Recognize what’s noise and what’s meaningful.’

‘If I worry about pleasing everyone, I won’t be able to get my message across.’