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Jules Mitchell leads advanced continuing education programs in biomechanics for intellectually fearless yoga teachers. She helps them integrate principles of exercise science and applications of pain science into their classes. Jules is the author of Yoga Biomechanics: Stretching Redefined, a unique, evidence-based exploration into the complexities of tissue mechanics and the human body’s resilience and adaptability. She leads workshops and courses online and worldwide, runs a popular 300 hour yoga teacher training, frequently serves as guest faculty, and hosts a comprehensive mentoring program to support teachers in both education and business. Her passion is bringing the most useful and applicable research-based concepts into the yoga community, even when it invokes a discerning analysis of popular opinions. Jules lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her cat Pitbull. Visit her at


Jules Mitchell in pink pants and a black top sitting in gomukasana with a black background
Jules is holding her book and smiling with one leg resting on some yoga blocks.
Jules sitting on the floor stretching over a stack of text books.
Jules holding a pelvis/femur model and talking to a student on her laptop

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