Yoga and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Jules joins Jenni Rawlings and Travis Pollen to discuss yoga and artificial intelligence (AI).

Points of discussion include:

  • What is AI and how does it show up in our everyday lives?
  • What does machine learning look like in the context of yoga?
  • Jules’ experience as a consultant for developing AI yoga programs.
  • The strengths and weaknesses of AI for yoga.
  • Safety concerns: AI versus live instructor versus on-demand classes.
  • Is AI yoga more personalized than other types of class experiences?
  • The future of AI and yoga as Jules sees it.

Here are some links to the papers I reference in the podcast:

Kishore DM, Bindu S, Manjunath NK. Smart Yoga Instructor for Guiding and Correcting Yoga Postures in Real Time. Int J Yoga. 2022 Sep-Dec;15(3):254-261. doi: 10.4103/ijoy.ijoy_137_22. Epub 2023 Jan 16. PMID: 36949838; PMCID: PMC10026338. (here)

Wu Y, Lin Q, Yang M, Liu J, Tian J, Kapil D, Vanderbloemen L. A Computer Vision-Based Yoga Pose Grading Approach Using Contrastive Skeleton Feature Representations. Healthcare (Basel). 2021 Dec 25;10(1):36. doi: 10.3390/healthcare10010036. PMID: 35052200; PMCID: PMC8775687. (here)

Pal R, Adhikari D, Heyat MBB, Ullah I, You Z. Yoga Meets Intelligent Internet of Things: Recent Challenges and Future Directions. Bioengineering (Basel). 2023 Apr 9;10(4):459. doi: 10.3390/bioengineering10040459. PMID: 37106646; PMCID: PMC10135646. (here)

Thre are plenty more out there if you just do a little searching. Enjoy!

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