Episode 30: Reconnecting To Your Why with Jules Mitchell

Jules Mitchell is a yoga educator focusing on biomechanics within the practice of yoga. She is a teacher’s teacher and her approach to movement is grounded in science but with space and permission to explore and get curious about what works for your own body. 

Jules shares the evolution of her connection with yoga, beginning as a way to deal with the grief of her parents’ passing to teaching teachers all over the world and truly revolutionizing the way yoga is taught and practiced. 

We take a lot for granted in the way yoga (and all movement) is taught and Jules’ work is centered around helping teachers to stop and ask why. 

Because when you ask why and begin paying attention to what feels right for you, the practice can shift away from doing the pose “right” and trying to achieve a certain look to discovering what works for your body and meeting you where you are at.

Extend Your Learning:
Online Education With Jules

Jules Mitchell shares decades of stretching research with yoga teachers.

The Science of Stretching Webinar 5.0

This webinar is for teachers and students who have an insatiable curiosity about stretching, what it does, and how it works, while accepting that conventional stretching wisdom isn’t always accurate. Eligible for 3 CEUs. This course is offered in January and July each year. Learn more >