Stretching Redefined Short Course
An Introduction to Major Themes

Up-level your 300hr Yoga Teacher Training with a special biomechanics module led by the woman who literally wrote the book on yoga biomechanics. Jules offers an easy-to-insert program that can be accessed online anywhere in the world.

Course Objectives

This 2-hour pre-recorded course summarizes the central narrative of the book Yoga Biomechanics: Stretching Redefined, is designed specifically for 300hr Yoga Teacher Training programs as a supplement module, and includes direct access to Jules Mitchell through a live Q & A.

Course Description

The Yoga Biomechanics: Stretching Redefined “Short Course” led by Jules Mitchell (MS, CMT, ERYT 500) is an enriching add-on to advanced teacher training programs that wish to offer a biomechanics module created by an expert in the field.

  • You’ll get a chapter by chapter summary of the book complete with 75 slides narrated by Jules
  • Each section wraps with a discussion of the research articles outlined in the chapters
  • A great addition for yoga schools that want to include biomechanics but aren’t confident in teaching advanced concepts themselves
  • Jules provides a list of discussion topics for teachers to consider when reading/watching
  • Questions for the Q&A can be submitted at anytime along the learning path
  • Keep your curriculum current as standards for teacher training programs evolve

Be prepared to transform the way you think, speak, and move within the practice of yoga. Jules isn’t shy about challenging the anecdotal instruction we were taught in yoga classes of our past while upholding the tradition with the reverence it deserves. She is more interested in asking the right questions than knowing all the answers. Jules’ compassionate teaching style creates a fun and enthusiastic learning environment.

Jules Mitchell, MS, LMT, ERYT 500 is a regular contributor to yoga teacher training programs worldwide, providing yoga schools with the most current research in biomechanics.

This biomechanics program will support teachers in making sense of advanced themes:

  • What force is, why it matters, and how to recognize tension and compression in the context of biomechanics
  • The various types of stretching, how to differentiate them, and when to apply which one
  • Connective tissue properties such as stress, strain, viscoelasticity, hysteresis, and more
  • Similarities and differences of fascia, tendons, and ligaments through the study of the microscopic structures
  • Injury, healing, tissue adaptation, overstretching, end-range postures, tendinopathies, etc.
  • Exploration of contentious topics like core stability, spinal flexion, alignment, headstand, and more.

Recommended Format

  • The best way to insert this biomechanics module into you 300hr program is to give your teachers access at the beginning of your training and then schedule the live Q&A about 2/3 of the way through. This gives everyone time to formulate questions and leave time after for them to integrate the answers Jules provides.
  • Biomechanics is an increasingly popular subject in teacher training programs (even a requirement now by some standards). If you know you want to add a biomechanics module to your training but don’t feel prepared to lead it and answer all the questions, this is your perfect solution. Jules has done all the heavy lifting and is ready to support you and your teachers in their education.
  • Ideally, the recorded course and the live Q&A support teachers in reading the book. While it can be offered as a standalone course, teachers would benefit from the additional offerings inside the book.
  • Jules suggests assigning the teachers Chapters 1 & 6 to read in full. You may want to add Chapter 2 if stretching is a popular topic in your program. Chapters 3, 4, and 5 can be very technical and might be more than teachers want to read straight through, but they will appreciate the sidebars, graphs, and tables. Of course, your most diligent teachers will want the read the whole thing, twice!
  • There are no prerequisites for this course. Jules does, however, assume that everyone currently teaches yoga. This program is not designed for 200 hour teacher trainings, although Jules does offer something similar. Just contact her to get more info.

Course Includes

  • 2 hours of lecture packed with information, led by Jules Mitchell.
  • All 75 slides for easy reference in downloadable PDF format.
  • Unlimited 24/7 streaming access to the course materials for your students.
  • Streaming also available from the Kajabi mobile app.
  • A live Q & A with Jules Mitchell, either 2 or 3 hours.
  • Book must be purchased separately.

Contact Jules Mitchell About The Short Course

Additional Opportunities to Learn from Jules

Jules is also available for in-person weekend courses anywhere in the world, either as a  guest teacher for your teacher training, or for your studio to offer high quality content to your local community of teachers. Connect with her here.

If you’re not a studio owner or don’t run a yoga school, but are looking for similar content for yourself, Jules suggests you join the next online Book Club or attend a Yoga Biomechanics weekend course either offered by your local studio or as a livestream. You can find that schedule here. If less technical, self-paced courses are more your thing, check out her collection of pre-recorded courses here.

Of course, you are always welcome to join her 300hr teacher training as well!