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I’m back with another lesson from the lab. This time it’s about the plantar fascia – or as we decided to call it during this particular lab – the plantar tendon.

Anatomy Labs Are A Collaborative Learning Experience

In the anatomy lab, I often encourage my students to rename structures based on what they see. We look at the properties of tissues and start to wonder what is the goal or the function of that particular tissue. What I love so much about this particular un-learning lesson is that insights like these give you more confidence in your anatomical knowledge. Once you realize that anatomy nomenclature was decided by a particular authority, and there are other authorities with different perspectives, you realize you’re not necessarily getting it wrong. You’re just thinking about it from a different angle. As long as you can support your angle with reason and factual evidence, it’s fair game for debate. What a healthy learning environment!

In last April’s lab, we decided to unofficially rename the plantar fascia to the plantar tendon and here is why:

The lesson here: it’s not about getting the name right, it’s about what you learn when challenging the status quo. It’s okay to still call it the plantar fascia, now with a new understanding of the function of this tissue.

Anatomy Lab Intensives: Science In Action!

What experiences have you had in the lab that can only be witnessed in person? And how have these experiences translated into being a more integrated yoga teacher? I’d love to hear from you.

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