Normal Rules of Adaptation Apply to Hypermobile Yoga Students

Jules Mitchell talks yoga and tissue mechanics with Dr. Libby Hinsley to help people with hypermobility live their best bendy lives. Here’s a list of questions Jules addresses.

1. What is your experience with hypermobility and your interests in connective tissue behavior and stretching research, etc.?
2. Can you describe what you understand about the difference in connective tissue for people with hypermobility syndromes? Can you clarify a lot of terms before we move on?
3. There’s a lot of talk about stretching in the hypermobility community. Can you start by defining what stretching is (and what it isn’t)?
4. Can you describe the tissues that are under tension when we stretch (muscle and connective tissues), and how they respond differently to tension?
5. Discuss why the narrative about how “overstretching will destabilize your joints” is problematic.
6. What do we need to know about stretching for people with hypermobility?
7. Is there a better or more accurate explanation for why many bendy people (though not all!) have more symptoms/pain when they do a lot of stretching? Especially lots of passive end-range stretching?

Don’t miss this podcast! It’s like a highlight reel of Jules’ work.

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