Jules Mitchell is a Yoga therapist/Biomechanist (MS Candidate in Exercise Science at CSU Long Beach) who is completing her thesis on the Science of Stretching. If you want a sneak peak at her research you can go to her website and read her blog posts  – julesmitchellyoga.com. Jules teaches private yoga lessons, contributes to yoga teacher trainings, and has online classes available at Udaya.com, which I highly recommend!

Science of Stretching Workshops!

She has condensed her thesis into a 2-part lecture series which she offers around the country. You can find out more here. If you live in the NY area and are interested in attending her seminar, please email me at [email protected] and I will keep you posted on when she will be coming and how you can sign up.

Here’s What We Talk About In This Podcast

  • How she applied her research to her online classes on Udaya.com
  • Why she pursued a Masters in Exercise Science and wrote her thesis on the Science of Stretching
  • What stretching, flexibility and mobility are and how they are related (may not be what you’re thinking!)
  • The Upside and Downside of Static Stretching
  • How results from PNF stretches can be temporary
  • Resistance Stretching
  • How science doesn’t make its way to the yoga community. YET.
  • Why you don’t need to do yoga every day. #YogaEveryThirdDay
  • Matthew Remski’s #WAWADIA project (What Are We Actually Doing in Asana)
  • Why she sometimes teaches Yoga Mis-Alignment
  • The potential for injury in yoga. And how it is difficult for teachers and practitioners to come forward with their stories of injury because yoga exists in the context that it is good for you.
  • How to raise the bar for yoga asana teachers

Favorite Quote from the Interview:

 “All movement is good movement as long as the tissues can withstand the loads.” [Tweet This]

Extend Your Learning:
Online Education With Jules

Jules Mitchell shares decades of stretching research with yoga teachers.

The Science of Stretching Webinar 5.0

This webinar is for teachers and students who have an insatiable curiosity about stretching, what it does, and how it works, while accepting that conventional stretching wisdom isn’t always accurate. Eligible for 3 CEUs. This course is offered in January and July each year. Learn more >