The Incredible SI Joint:
Positive Perspectives on Yoga and Movement

with Jules Mitchell & Kathryn Bruni-Young


  • Audio/visual discussion with slideshow including anatomy and function of SI Joint
  • PDF of slide deck
  • Five video courses with differing applications
  • PDF manual of video courses including still photos of drills and teaching guidelines
  • Certificate of completion (5 hours continuing education hours)

$169 USD 

Available for immediate download.
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Jules Mitchell and Kathryn Bruni-Young combine forces to deliver an online course that examines sacroiliac joint function and painful responses often occurring in yoga and related movement modalities. As research advances, conventional ideas are questioned, allowing for fresh perspectives in joint health and self-reliance in the management of pain. With Kathryn’s passion for strength training and Jules extensive background in biomechanics, together they have created a course that offers breathing practices, exploratory movements, and yoga approaches specifically designed to create a positive movement environment. Teachers and students alike will enjoy their uncomplicated approach that allows for and encourages individualized progressions and variations. While programming suggestions are included, enough freedom is granted to satisfy all fitness levels and a spectrum of symptoms.

Video curriculum includes:

  • Video #1 Breathing Practices
  • Video #2 Somatic Warm-Ups
  • Video #3 Resistance Exercises
  • Video #4 Nonlinear Exercises
  • Video #5 Yoga Explorations
  • PDF manual supplement to all videos

Theory component includes:

  • Audio lecture with slides
  • PDF of complete slide deck

$169 USD 

Available for immediate download.
Keep and watch forever.

About Kathryn and Jules:

Kathryn and Jules first met when Jules appeared as a guest on Kathryn’s Mindful Strength Podcast where they shared an immediate respect for each other’s work. While Kathryn focuses more on the strength training aspects of mindful movement practices, Jules empowers yoga teachers with education that challenges the conventional yoga script. They share many of the same philosophies while maintaining their individual voices. Together these two women deliver a powerful course for students and teachers of yoga and other movement practices.