Mobility-Based Conditioning:
Bodyweight Drills for Stronger Yoga Asana

with Jules Mitchell & Charlie Reid

Instant download, only $149, includes video, handouts/slides & audio components

What You’ll Get:

  • Audio/visual discussion with slideshow including theory and movement goals (30 minutes)
  • PDF of slide deck
  • Video course including mobility drills and assessment tips (90 minutes)
  • PDF manual of video course including still photos of drills and teaching guidelines
  • Bonus course (video and pdf manual) for backbends
  • Certificate of completion (7 hours continuing education hours – live course)

Charlie Reid and Jules Mitchell combine mobility training principles with conventional yoga postures to increase strength and develop your usable range of motion. By focusing on competency in some basic skills that often get overlooked in the pursuit of fancy poses, you’ll learn unique and effective mobility training progressions you can add to your all levels yoga classes immediately. Drills require minimal props for ease of teaching while progressively challenging students with a variety of skill levels. Number of reps and isometric hold times are suggested which can help you organize your class while providing adequate time under tension to promote progress. Your students and their joints will thank you.

Curriculum includes:

  • Core Intelligence™ practices
  • Scapular Intelligence™ practices
  • Lower extremity drills
  • Advanced core progressions
  • Upper extremity drills – pulling, pushing, handstands
  • Bonus course – Spinal Intelligence™ and bridge progressions

Instant download, only $149, includes video, handouts/slides & audio components

About Jules and Charlie:

Jules and Charlie share both curiosity and skepticism about their respective industries and collaborate regularly to further their inquiries and discuss current research. This course evolved out a constant comparing and contrasting of yoga with mobility techniques used in other areas of fitness to improve outcomes. In a professional capacity, they are both educators in their respective industries, forming a powerful team when it comes to all things mobility related.

Instant download, only $149, includes video, handouts/slides & audio components