Hypermobility and Yoga:
Best Practices for Strength and Safety

Learn to analyze the postures, utilize props, and refine cues so you can help prevent exacerbating symptoms of hypermobility. This 1 hour streaming course includes unlimited access to videos, manual, lecture, and slides with 1 to 3 CEU’s upon completion.
$99 USD

Course Objectives

This course is for yoga teachers and committed students who seek a better understanding and safe approach to addressing hypermobility.

Course Description

As hypermobility is becoming widely recognized, conversations about its role in the safety of yoga and fitness are everywhere. But hypermobility presents differently among individuals and much is still not known. Jules and Catherine bring together the most current research and decades of experience to create this workshop that separates the facts from the misinformation and then translate this knowledge for you in a practical manner. Together they created this tutorial that analyzes the postures, utilizes props, and refines cues so you can help prevent exacerbating symptoms of hypermobility such as joint pain, instability and weakness. Jules and Catherine deliver the material with a positive and upbeat approach that highlights yoga and how it can be enjoyed again.

Course Topics

  • Review of hypermobility spectrum disorders from generalized joint laxity to Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
  • Common symptomatology in hypermobile individuals
  • Skills and techniques to maintain joint integrity and tissue health
  • How to add these techniques into your yoga practice
  • Analysis of over 20 yoga poses and the best ways to approach them with hypermobility

Course Includes


  • 1 hour of lecture and video application.
  • A rich slidedeck supporting the lecture for easy reference in a downloadable PDF format.
  • A complete printable manual with photos and descriptions for each pose variation.
  • A bonus video featuring complex poses combining the skills of the course.
  • 1 to 3 CEU’s available upon completion of the course. Hours dependent on engagement.
  • Unlimited 24/7 streaming access to the course materials. Also available from the Kajabi mobile app.

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Jules instruction Catherine in Warrior 3 pose with a theraband around her lift foot and pulling it taught with the arms overhead.

Course History

Jules and Catherine found themselves at several workshops together and fast became friends over their common interests in all things stretching and fitness. With both a constant thirst for knowledge and a healthy skepticism, they often discuss the research while questioning industry practices. These conversations naturally led to the current collaboration on hypermobility and yoga. Jules and Catherine deliver a well researched and thorough online course suitable to for both teachers and students who want to learn more about hypermobility.

Jules Mitchell, MS, LMT, ERYT 500 is a regular contributor to yoga teacher training programs worldwide, providing yoga schools with the most current research in biomechanics.

Recommended Education Path

While each online course stands on its own and has no pre-requisite, you may consider the following information to get the most out of your experience. If you have not yet take my foundational courses Yoga Biomechanics and Asana and Beyond Yoga Alignment, they will lay a foundation and help you get the most out of all my other work.

Building on your foundational training, my Mobility-Based Conditioning and Intro to Resistance Stretching will explore and teach specific methods of working with and improving range of motion.

In my years of working with teachers, recurring themes emerge which result in specialty courses. Like this course, my other specialty course The Incredible SI Joint dives deeply into specific areas giving teachers a rich toolset and understanding to support their students.