Intro to Resistance Stretching

with Jules Mitchell & Charlie Reid

Course Includes

  • Recorded lecture (powerpoint with voiceover)
  • Lecture slides handout
  • 2 video courses (1 upper body and 1 lower body)
  • Bonus video – troubleshooting tips
  • Manual with photos and instructions

$129 Available for immediate download

Upper body stretches

  • Back/posterior shoulder
  • Chest/anterior shoulder
  • Deltoid/trap 
  • Anterior deltoid
  • Lats 
  • Biceps 
  • Triceps 
  • Bench press

Lower body stretches

  • Hamstrings
  • Quads
  • Hip flexors 
  • Adductors 
  • Abductors 
  • Hip rotators
  • Glutes

Course Info

Jules Mitchell and Charlie Reid offer this introductory course to resistance stretching designed for yoga teachers and other movement professionals interested in adding assisted stretching techniques to their repertoire. Get plenty of hands-on practical training, enabling you to apply these methods immediately after the course. Additionally, Jules and Charlie troubleshoot mobility issues as they arise, providing you with insight into their talent for assessment and protocol selection. Course includes manual with instructions and photos for each exercise, a 1-hour lecture accompanied by a slideshow investigating the biomechanical and neuromechanical theory behind resistance stretching, a detailed tutorial on the art of compassionate touch and safe body mechanics, and tons of fun.

$129 Available for immediate download

About Jules and Charlie:

Jules and Charlie share both curiosity and skepticism about their respective industries and collaborate regularly to further their inquiries and discuss current research. This course evolved out a constant comparing and contrasting of yoga with mobility techniques used in other areas of fitness to improve outcomes. In a professional capacity, they are both educators in their respective industries, forming a powerful team when it comes to all things mobility related.