Episode 160: The Science of Stretching (and Strength!)

For our season two finale episode, we’re talking to Las Vegas-based yoga teacher and author Jules Mitchell. We dive deep into the biomechanics of yoga in this episode and talk about Jules’ new book, which is a comprehensive look at the science of stretching.

We can’t cover the whole book in this short format, but I think you’ll find the highlights are fascinating, thought provoking, and relevant to the broader discussions we’re having in the yoga community today.

We talk about:

* Why it was so important to Jules to define the anatomy terminology in her book (and why Jason tries to do the same thing in his trainings) + Why language is so important in the yoga room!

* She explains what compressive load and tensile load means for listeners

* Hypermobility, the pros and cons of passive stretching, and her recommendations for students who are really flexible. Plus, Jules shares why she cautions teachers against diagnosing students with hypermobility (what to do instead).

* The long-held myth that strong and flexible are opposite concepts

* Her thoughts on yoga as a lifelong practice and whether yogis should incorporate other types of movement and exercise into their routines

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Jules Mitchell shares decades of stretching research with yoga teachers.

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