Anatomy Labs for Yoga Teachers

I’m back with another observation from the lab, this time in regards to the knee joint.

I’ve talked about the relationship between muscles and joint capsules before; I actually address it in the first few pages of Chapter 6 of my book. It’s always satisfying when what you observe in the gross anatomy lab reinforces what you’ve studied in reading research.

The Benefit of Revisiting a Particular Dissection Project

Joint capsules are one of those musculoskeletal structures that don’t get much attention in yoga education, which is probably why they interest me so much. To study a joint capsule is to study a joint from an entirely new perspective, and you know how much I love alternative perspectives in critical thinking.

Rather than try to type out what I observed, I filmed a quick 4-minute video using my skeleton as a visual aid.



If you are somewhere where you don’t want the volume on, just turn on the closed captions (CC) on the video and turn off the sound. It’s not graphic, as I’m just using a plastic skeleton to demonstrate, but it’s worth being sensitive to those around you regardless.

During that entire dissection, I was also pondering the evolutionary anatomy of the patella. I’m going to do some research before I articulate any further. I promise I’ll share what I discover.

What dissections are you interested in? I’d love to hear from you.

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