In this episode, Nikki and Janet chat with Jules Mitchell, yoga teacher and movement educator, and Charlie Reid, strength and conditioning coach, about transitioning clients from post rehab back to regular activity and performance.

They cover:

  •  Why clients often get trapped in the revolving door between physical therapy and fitness
  • The role of the physical therapist and the fitness professional or movement teacher in helping clients resume regular activity after an injury
  • The limitations of the current model that is used to assess, treat injuries, and transition the client out of rehab
  • How the mindset of the client and their activities prior to the injury should determine how you progress them
  • A case study about Marla (Jule’s sister) and her experience working with a physical therapist and Charlie to return to running after a foot injury
  • Examples of exercise and program progressions when helping a client improve their conditioning during and after injury recovery
  • The importance of progressive external load, transference, and specificity when working with a client who has the goal of resuming an activity or sport after injury