Jules Mitchell MS is a forward thinker, researcher, mover and shaker who challenges our beliefs about yoga and biomechanics. Jules leads workshops and continuing education courses worldwide and has just completed her new book, Yoga Biomechanics: Redefining Stretching.

Recorded in Kathryn’s kitchen, this is a candid conversation all about the SI joint and Kathryn and Jules’ new course, The Incredible SI Joint. This conversation tackles a lot of misconceptions surrounding the SI Joint, particularly as it pertains to the yoga community. They discuss the common thoughts of fear and fragility around this part of the body and how this often influences yoga teachers and movement educators to give inaccurate information to their students. Kathryn talks about her personal experience and lessons learned with lower back pain and they discuss the problems surrounding under-loading this part of the body, “the SI joint is an inherently strong, stable design”. Finally, they discuss alignment (is it important at all or is it just a stylistic preference?), how lower back pain is particularly triggering in our culture and what to do when you have pain in this area of the body.

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