Anatomy Labs for Yoga Teachers 

I recently spent another week in the lab with another incredible cadaver/teacher. As always, I observed and learned things I’d never noticed before, even though I was revisiting dissections I’ve performed multiple times.

How to Choose a Dissection Project

On one particular day, I didn’t really know what project I had in mind, but there, on the table, was an anterior section of a rib cage that had seemingly fulfilled its educational value.  It caught my eye a called me to it. I was willing to be open to the story it wanted to tell me.

Turns out, I was mesmerized for several hours, after which I de-gloved and sat down in the breakroom to journal my thoughts. I wrote some text and drew some rudimentary sketches. (If you’ve studied with me, you know how poor my drawing skills really are, haha.) Rather than try to type all that out, I filmed a quick 6-minute video using my skeleton as a visual aid.



If you are somewhere where you don’t want the volume on, just turn on the closed captions (CC) on the video and turn off the sound. It’s not graphic, as I’m just using a plastic skeleton to demonstrate, but it’s worth being sensitive to those around you regardless.

Of course, without a histological examination, this is all conjecture. The education, however, lies in observation and inquiry.

What dissections are you interested in? I’d love to hear from you.

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Extend Your Learning: Anatomy Lab With Jules

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