Anatomy Labs for Yoga Teachers

I’m back with another observation from the lab, this time with regard to kindness.

In my most recent lab, we had an eye-opening discussion about the difference between reading research about tissue mechanics and observing these same tissues yourself. I explained how attending labs makes me a nicer person.

The Rewarding Experiences Labs Can Offer

One unique experience of being in the lab is the opportunity to be challenged by what you see. Another is to be challenged by your peers. It’s a chance to witness situations that simply can’t be written in a research paper – the kind of stuff that gets edited out in revisions. The lab has taught me to ask more questions and not always assume the obvious answers. It’s a lesson in humility…and compassion.

Here’s a fun little anecdote that explains perfectly what I mean:

What experiences have you had in the lab that can only be witnessed in person? And how have these experiences translated into being a more compassionate and sensitive yoga teacher? I’d love to hear from you.

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