300 Hour Teacher Training Program 2021

Jules Mitchell’s 300 hour advanced teacher training includes 2 required online modules, homework before both modules, a final case study project after the training, and an elective module with a South Asian/Desi teacher. Module 1 and 2 content is heavy on biomechanics, principles of exercise science, applications of pain science, neurophysiology, and stretching. These themes are combined with somatics for coordinative variability, pose analysis and purpose, use of props for specific adaptations, pathology, restorative yoga, and deliberate sequencing. Participants will learn to read original research papers and analyze them  for the both their strengths and their biases. Critical thinking and intellectual discourse are a central component in this training, which was designed to help teachers navigate through contradictory perspectives and empower them with education. Join now to be a part of this incredible group!


Module 1: June 5 – June 19, 2021
Online Livestream in Pacific Time Zone

Module 2: September 25 – October 9, 2021
Online Livestream in Pacific Time Zone

General schedule includes 3 online livestream sessions per day with 90-minute breaks in between. The weekend in the middle is off. Full participation is required. If you reside in a time zone where joining either the first or last session of each day is difficult but you are able to catch the recording within the following 24 hours, we can work with you.

Daily Weekday Schedule:
9:30am – 11:00am Pacific Time Zone
12:30pm – 1:00pm Pacific Time Zone
2:30pm – 4:00pm Pacific Time Zone

Weekend Schedule
Orientation Weekend: Half Days
Middle Weekend: Off
Final Saturday: Half Day


Required Module 3: Elective
Study with a South Asian/Desi teacher
Not included in tuition*

Optional Module 4: Las Vegas, NV
Dates TBA when in-person training resumes
Additional fees apply

*Module 3 is a self-selected program designed to support a well rounded yoga education. It is not expected to be the same length or cost of Modules 1 or 2 –  it’s more like a webinar, weekend course, or lecture. Topic can range from marketing to cultural appropriation or anything in between. We will discuss when the time comes and choose what is appropriate for you, based on your previous education and experience.


Greg Lehman BKin, MSc, DC, MScPT:
Reconciling Pain Science with Biomechanics
Todd Hargrove JD:
Feldenkrais and Pain Science
Shelly Prosko PT, CPI, C-IAYT:
Exploring the Pelvic Floor and More through Yoga
Marcia Darbouze PT, DPT:
Understanding Chronic Illness & Disability

Catherine Cowey: Hypermobility and Yoga
Melissa Smith: Savasana Immersion
Angela Singer: Meditation
Chelsea Danae: Restorative Intensive
Ariana Rabinovitch: Yoga Research Literacy



  • Log-in membership to the online course portal
  • Exclusive discussion forum for teacher training participants
  • Access to video recordings of all sessions and a mobile app!
  • Full participation in Modules 1 – 3
  • Invitation to attend optional in-person Module 4
  • 1 x 25-minute One-On-One with Jules prior to the start of the training
  • 1 x 55-minute One-On-One with Jules between Modules 1 & 2
  • 1 x 55-minute One-On-One with Jules in the 6 months after Module 2


  • Homework before Module 1
  • Homework between Modules 1 & 2
  • Final case study project due within 6 months after Module 2
  • Module 3 completed anytime prior to March 31, 2022
  • Some sessions in Webinar format (no audio/video for participants)
  • Other sessions in Meeting formats (audio/video & breakout rooms)
  • A collaborative experience with like-minded teachers
  • Registration is capped at 30 participants


$4795 USD
See terms and conditions

Non-refundable deposit of $795 reserves your spot
Remaining balance is due March 1, 2021

Pay remaining balance in full or in installments.
Late fee of $500 applies after March 1, 2021

Scholarships available
Apply here by November 1, 2020



A limited number of scholarships are available and reserved to support diversity and the under/unemployed. Applications are due November 1, 2020 and awards will be announced by December 15, 2021. Deposits are due at time of application, but are refundable until December 31, 2021 for applicants who were not granted the subsidy. See terms and conditions.

For further inquiries, complete the form below.  Someone will respond within 72 hrs.


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