300 Hour Teacher Training Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer between online and in-person?
You may transfer up until the final payment date (provided space is available). After that, you either need to find someone to switch with you, or find someone to replace your spot in order to transfer.
Can I split the modules and do one online and other in person?
No. While the content of both trainings is the same, the schedules are not. We structure the content around guest faculty availability, which means if you split modules you would some content twice and other content not at all.
Do you have scholarships available for the in-person training?
At this time, the scholarship program is for the online training only.
Can I just attend part of the training?
No, full participation is required. Even if you aren’t doing it for the certificate.
Can you tell me more about Module 3?

Module 3 is a self-selected program designed to support a well-rounded yoga education. It can be a webinar, conference, summit, weekend course, lecture, podcast, or anything else. Popular topics are pranayama, Vedic philosophy, Ayurveda, marketing, social justice, cultural appropriation, and more. We will discuss when the time comes and choose what is appropriate for you, based on your previous education, experience, and future goals.

Are you a Yoga Alliance registered yoga school (RYS)?

Yes. My yoga school is registered with Yoga Alliance under the name Udaya and is both an RYS 200 and an RYS 300.

Join the 300hr Teacher Training

300 Hour In-Person Teacher Training
Module 1: June 4-18, 2022
in Las Vegas, NV
Module 2: Sept. 10-24, 2022 in Las Vegas, NV

300 Hour Online Teacher Training
Module 1: March 5-19, 2022

Module 2: May 14-28, 2022