Trips & Retreats with Jules Mitchell

Trips and Retreats

Jules Mitchell leads yoga retreats and historical vacations whenever her schedule allows. Past trips include countries like Greece, Nicaragua, and Bulgaria. Future destinations on her radar include Thailand, Cambodia, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Moldova, and Morocco. Check back regularly for updates.


Thailand and Cambodia
March or July 2018 (TBD)

The retreat begins in Thailand. Chiang Mai is the cultural capital located in the foothills of the north. Custom designed excursions will include exploring ancient temples by rickshaw, participating in traditional offering at a Buddhist temple, enjoying a private walking and shopping tour of local artisans and their handi-crafts, cooking classes, an unforgettable traditional paper lantern ceremony and an optional visit to a nearby elephant sanctuary. Accommodation will be at a lovely property located in the historic heart of the city. This charming boutique hotel takes its name from a majestic 200 year old tamarind tree that shelters the hotel. The rooms reflect the rich ethnic diversity of northern Thailand by using fabrics and patterns drawn from various tribes of the region.

Next, we fly to Cambodia. Angkor Wat is a sight not to be missed. Voted by Lonely Planet Guidebooks as the world’s number one sight to visit, this awe-inspiring temple complex was built in the 1100s as an expression of the Hindu faith and has been in almost continuous use by the Khmer people. We’ll experience this incredible site with our seasoned private guides and their smartly designed itinerary to avoid the crowds. Our hotel is an oasis, with full-service spa, restaurant and gorgeously designed rooms. Despite its turbulent history, the warmth and welcome of the Cambodian people remains undiminished. Interacting with this incredible culture, while exploring the unparalleled beauty of Angkor Wat, will make a journey here unforgettable.


Udaya Live Festival
August 2018 in Bulgaria

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Film Online Yoga Classes

Casting call for yoga students interested in traveling to Bulgaria to appear as a student Jules’ Udaya classes! If interested, you may submit your contact info by filling out this form. All are welcome, diversity is celebrated, beginners encouraged. Jules will email everyone on that list when it’s time to assemble the team. Most filming takes places at NuBoyana Film Studios in Sofia, Bulgaria (some shoots are on location around beautiful Bulgaria). Room and board is provided by Udaya Prodcutions and student is responsible for travel costs associated with arrival to and departure from the Sofia airport (SOF).

Behind the scenes time-lapse production video

See what happens in 4 days on set