Yoga Research & Beyond Podcast with Ariana Raven & Jules Mitchell

Yoga Research & Beyond Podcast: Listen to conversations about yoga research, exercise science, and more with Ariana Raven & Jules Mitchell.

Are you trying to make sense of all the conflicting narratives about fitness? Learn how to ground your teaching practice in science-based research instead. The Yoga Research & Beyond Podcast helps yoga teachers and fitness professionals discern popular messages about the benefits and dangers of how our bodies move. Co-hosts Ariana Raven and Jules Mitchell discuss published research on yoga and exercise, challenge dominant trends about the human body, and teach research literacy in a fun and engaging way.

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About The Creators

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Ariana Raven

Ariana Raven is a yoga teacher and strength trainer who co-runs New York Stretch in NYC. For more than ten years, she’s been helping people reach their goals with a holistic approach that combines principles from yoga, exercise science, and published research. Find her at

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Jules Mitchell

Jules Mitchell is a disrupter, yoga teacher, and the author of Yoga Biomechanics: Stretching Redefined. She is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and leads advanced continuing education programs in biomechanics for fitness and rehab professionals worldwide.

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