Yoga Biomechanics Albuquerque

Do you have an insatiable curiosity about how the body works? Are you unsatisfied by anatomical explanations that seem contradictory, unnecessarily complicated, or oversimplified? Put an end to all the conflicting messages and just get the facts. Jules delivers the most comprehensive biomechanics education available for yoga teachers. She combines her love of research and her top-notch teaching skills to help you make sense of it all and empower you to think critically and become a natural problem solver.

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Yoga Biomechanics

12 hours of education, application, and in-person interaction with Jules.

  October 15-16, 2023
10:00am – 5:00pm local time

$399 USD 

 Jewish Community Center
5520 Wyoming Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109

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How biomechanics makes
you a better teacher.



What the science says
about yoga and osteoporosis.



Why most alignment cues
aren’t helpful.


How To Know If This In-Person Course Is For You:

  • Have you been told to retire certain poses?
  • Are you skeptical of the claims around certain benefits of yoga?
  • Do you want to learn how safely teach end-range poses and inversions?
  • Have you been told hypermobile people shouldn’t do yoga?
  • Do you want to prevent the common hamstring tendinopathies we see in yoga?
  • Are you worried about harming your students in forward flexion poses?
  • Are you unsure of how to explain the effects of yin yoga on connective tissue?
  • Are still teaching chaturanga modification with the knees down?
  • Do you doubt the claims that pigeon pose is a hip shredder?
  • Are you the type of teacher that wants to know why?
  • Are you curious about what the research actually says about yoga?
  • Do you want to know how to build different muscle contraction types into your sequences?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you will love the information I provide in this course.

This is my flagship course and I don’t hold back. I spend 2 full days building a solid narrative that will transform the way you teach yoga forever.

This course is about empowering you with knowledge.

If you’ve ever felt stuck or uncertain in your teaching, this course is for you. I encourage questions, curiosity, and conversation.


Unpack the phrase
“sitting in your joints.”



Master the various
muscle contraction types.



How to teach yoga to
students with hypermobility.


Course Objectives

This course is for teachers who have an insatiable curiosity about human movement and kinesiology, are eager to know what the research says about yoga, and are open to accepting that alignment rules aren’t always accurate.

Contents: biomechanics, stretching, mechanical behavior, structure and composition, tissue adaptation, emerging perpsectives.

This course will teach you to:

  • Define tension and compression in a context outside of range of motion
  • Explain the differences and similarities between tendons, ligaments, and fascia
  • Discuss the various thoughts behind gentle yoga vs active end-range yoga
  • Examine the effects of yoga on tissue adaptation and strength
  • Understand the terms kinetics, kinematics, and tissue mechanics
  • Consider the role of pain when teaching yoga safely

Jules Mitchell, MS, LMT, ERYT 500 is a regular contributor to yoga teacher training programs worldwide, providing yoga schools with the most current research in biomechanics.


Does yoga improve
sport performance?



Learn why all loads
are not equal.



Does yoga cause
or prevent injuries?


Course Description

If you are a body-nerd, science-buff, or simply curious about how to create positive adaptations through your asana practice, this course is for you! Join Jules Mitchell for a 3-day intensive that weaves together asana with the basics of biomechanics to take your knowledge and teaching confidence to the next level. The latest research and foundational principles of exercise science are discussed in an easy-to-understand, practical way that builds body awareness and will immediately impact the way you teach and practice yoga.

Course Topics

  • Differentiate between anatomy and biomechanics
  • Question what the yoga biomechanics research tells about teaching yoga
  • Improve range of motion without stretching
  • Discuss where yoga asana fits into load management
  • Explore how tendons and similar connective tissues respond and adapt to loads
  • Unpack how we define injuries and how to best communicate about them
  • Create more clarity and accuracy in alignment cues
  • Consider specific cueing and intentional loading to promote mobility and skill
  • Examine the fascinating role of pain science in the yoga experience
  • Appreciate how to individualize and enhance poses with creative prop placement
  • Play with unique and effective tools such as isometrics and resistance stretching


PDF of full-size slides.



Eligible for 12 CEUS.



Questions encouraged!


The Perfect Learning Path For You

My goal is to expand teachers' minds through a deep process of reflection so that they know exactly who they are and what they believe with clarity, confidence, and purpose.

You can start your education path with me anytime that fits into your schedule and on any topic that you’re drawn to.

Learning to Learn

The biomechanics content I provide is about more than just learning facts and getting things right. I teach you how to think about this knowledge, how to apply it in certain settings, and how to question when specific strategies might be successful or not. When I teach that “it depends” I insist on supporting you in discovering what it might depend on.

Learning in Layers

You learn in layers, which means wherever you start is the perfect place to start. You learn a new concept and then contextualize that information into a real-life setting, recognizing that biology is multidimensional and non-linear. You aren't just memorizing data and you aren't just jumping to large, sweeping conclusions. You are learning to make complex decisions based on appropriate considerations, which means there is no beginning or end. Just dive in and let the layering begin!

Learning Overlap

While all of my courses are unique, there is overlap in many major themes. This overlap reinforces major concepts within individual courses that fit into a the much larger narrative that I build within my program offerings as a whole.

Learning Just for You

My live courses reflect my fluid teaching style. While I always have an agenda and a general course outline, I’m also extremely encouraging of asking questions and chasing the pursuit of knowledge together. My goal is to help you refine your questions so you are clearer about what you know and what you don’t know. This means no two live courses are the same, even when the course has the same name!

The content is always driven by the topics that matter to the group and we use the major concepts outlined in the course syllabus to tease out powerful educational opportunities. You’ll see people repeating the same courses over and over because they are hungry for these interactions and discussions.