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I assembled this program to give readers of my book an evergreen resource to a diverse chapter-by-chapter synopsis of major themes that is driven by questions from like-minded fellow readers.

CART OPENS Wednesday Nov. 24th
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Best of Book Club Details

It took me a decade of dedicated study to develop a narrative on how biomechanics informs teaching yoga. It took me years to get all those ideas into the book, Yoga Biomechanics: Stretching Redefined. I know how dense this material is, I wrote it!

I created the Book Club to give readers direct access to me, my stories and metaphors, and my evolving way of teaching. It was such a successful program, I was able to offer 10 complete editions in just 3 short years. At 6 chapters per edition, that’s over 60 recorded one-hour lectures.

After a solid run, I’ve decided to retire the online Book Club in this popular iteration. The world has changed in these last 20 months and the way you are all consuming online education is continually advancing. To meet these market demands, I’ve decided to offer an evergreen program consisting of the Book Club’s greatest hits.

These recordings don’t go away, comments are turned on for maximum engagement, and when discussions hit a critical mass, I’ll offer pop-up Zoom meetings so we can hash out the details in a virtual face-to-face setting.

This special offer is extremely limited. The cart OPENS on Wednesday November 24, 2021 and the cart CLOSES on Monday November 29, 2021. Don’t wait to be a part of this special group.

Pop-Up Online Book Clubs with Jules

Be sure to take advantage of the comment section to engage with me and other members of the Best of BC. When engagement on certain topics reaches critical mass, I’ll host a pop-up Book Club Zoom Meeting so we can gather online and discuss in real time. As always, thank you for supporting my work. I love how curious and dedicated you all are!

Get the Best of BC | $395 USD

Includes 30 Hours of Curated Video

The Best of Book Club | Editions 1-10 gives you evergreen access to the most interesting and useful online Book Club episodes. I’ve sorted through the entire library of 60 episodes and picked the top five of each chapter. It’s like the Greatest of Hits of:

  • Chapter One | Biomechanics
  • Chapter Two | Stretching
  • Chapter Three | Mechanical Behavior
  • Chapter Four | Structure and Composition
  • Chapter Five | Adaptation
  • Chapter Six | Emerging Perspectives

Get unique and meaningful insights from the woman who literally wrote the book on yoga biomechanics:

I’ve been teaching yoga with Yoga Biomechanics: Stretching Redefined as my official textbook for years now. Even before it was published, the narrative was central to my teacher trainings and continuing education programs. I am deeply connected to the readers and their struggles with making sense of evidence that is contradictory to what they may have learned in the past. I am sensitive to the cognitive dissonance that may arise and skillfully deliver the message in a supportive and educational manner. The Book Club conversations leave you full of new knowledge, confident, and satisfied. You’ll enjoy watching these past editions and relating to the questions submitted by the real time participants. You’ll learn, not only from my answers, but from what questions are asked and how I reply to them. With comments turned on, you’ll have to opportunity to expand on any of the recorded dialogues, get my thoughts, and learn from others in the program.

The Best of BC Library Will Teach You to:

  • Use the book as a text in your teacher training program
  • Explain biomechanics in simple, useful terms
  • Make sense of confusing cueing
  • Consider research as a valuable source of information

General List of Topics:

  • Biomechanics Basics
  • Force, Applied/Modified Loads, and Stress
  • Progressive Overload and Specificity
  • Conventional Stretching
  • Stretching and Performance
  • Eccentrics
  • Mechanical Properties of Connective Tissue
  • Tissue Behavior, Structure, and Composition
  • Tissue Adaptation, Capacity, and Tension
  • Exploration into Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Alignment and Posture
Your book has SO much valuable information–I’ve been through it twice and still working on developing my voice to share some of your points with more senior teachers who are still firmly in the mindset of “flexing the knee beyond the ankle is very bad for you” and other “safety” points which you have provided such a wonderful framework for questioning. Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into creating such a great resource for teachers and practitioners of yoga.

I honestly can’t thank you enough Jules! I’ve been reviewing research for the last 10+ years as a college educator and yoga continuing education provider, and I know how tedious and necessary it is. I feel like you just brought me up to date on all the latest! Now I can just focus on what emerges next! Such a gift!  – with enormous gratitude.

College Educator and Yoga Continuing Education Provider

I finished this highly anticipated book by Jules Mitchell last week, and I keep going back to revisit particular topics! This is a rich read and will be a valuable resource for anyone teaching anatomy to movement teachers, or any movement enthusiast! Jules has done us an invaluable service in compiling and sorting through the most recent peer reviewed research on stretching and loading tissue, and how these tissues and systems adapt.


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