There is no day quite like Jules Mitchell day on The SpiritBros Podcast!

Stretching, Redefined

Jules Mitchell is a yoga instructor and author. Her new book, “Yoga Biomechanics – Stretching Redefined,” presents an innovative exploration into the nuances of movement through postural yoga (asana) and other movement modalities.

Jules brings together her expertise in the field of biomechanics with her love of asana and delivers what I believe will be a cornerstone in teacher trainings for years to come.

Star Struck

I am a HUGE fan of Jules Mitchell. I was an early adopter of her blog, and read through its entries multiple times in searching for healthier, more durable ways to explore movement and training. I even used some of her principles in my own workshops, so thanks Jules for helping me earn a paycheck!

A Loaded History

Yoga has a deep history, there’s no doubt about that. But the appearance of a comprehensive and systematic physical practice is arguably a very recent development. Yoga is now a worldwide phenomenon and there are countless new styles and innovations popping up on a daily basis.

Faced with this diversity, creativity, and, frankly, untested innovation, it is necessary to examine the pros and cons of postural yoga. What are its strengths and weaknesses, and where can we improve in the way we teach asana?

Uniting Perspectives

Enter Jules Mitchell. Both a passionate yogi and a devout engineering and math geek, Jules has made it her purpose to create bridges between science and yoga, and share her discoveries. Over the past years, she has quietly attracted a following of teachers looking for answers that aren’t available in more orthodox settings of yoga study.

Through her online and in-person workshops, she offers knowledge and tools that allow yogis to explore postural practice through the lens of biomechanics. Yes, there is stretching in yoga, but have you ever thought about what stretching really is? About how the loads and forces created by movement impact tissues of the body differently based on their nature? And about why is stiffness good? These are all subjects Jules explores in her teaching and writing.

Forces Of Nature

We covered a variety of topics in the podcast. From the process of writing her book to travelling internationally as a teacher, we explore how Jules chooses projects and manages her professional career.

She also gives us some essential theoretical context, such as the difference between anatomy and biomechanics, and in what ways the study of the latter can shed some light on issues such as hypermobility and injury.

A Las Vegan And Two SpiritBros Walk Into A Bar

Jules also happens to be quite a fun presence behind the mic! A self-described “Vegas girl,” she gives us insight on what drew her to yoga, and what she loves about the practice. She entertained Scott and myself with some unbelievable stories, including one about her father and Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino. We also got to hear about a controversial tweet that made Jules take a two week vacation from Twitter!

Be warned! There’s your life before Jules Mitchell, and your life afterwards. Listening to this podcast might irrevocably change your perspective on postural practice and send you down a rabbit-hole of geeky bliss. I highly recommend it! 😉